Are you ready for the Super Bowl? We are.

And in what’s becoming a new tradition, the all-important ads get released early for an extra buzz. Here’s one for Squarespace where Dolly Parton re-wrote her famous “9 to 5” ballad into something for today’s modern “5 to 9” economy. Check it outL:

She’s released the song as well:

But feminist blue-checks aren’t happy with the Dolly over it. Jezebel called the ad “beak as hell”:

While NYT editor at large Jessica Bennett says it “isn’t quite as empowering as the original”:

A piece up at Newsweek says it “shows we live in a dystopia”:

And “it was inevitable Dolly would disappoint in some way”:

You see, it’s “diminished one of the most potent, and beloved, messages behind her own work while dressing it up as a tribute”:

FFS, just enjoy the game and the catchy tune. We sure will be.