Jennifer Rubin, The Washington Post’s “conservative” voice, thinks that the two white men being talked about for attorney general in the Biden administration — Doug Jones and Merrick Garland — just aren’t liberal enough:

LOL. SHE wanted Garland for AG already once before:

Was she ever a conservative though?

These descriptions we give ourselves — conservative, liberal, etc. — they matter. But not to Rubin:

She’s also a hack. Here she is praising Doug Jones’ “courage” and “clarity”:

Maybe she just forgot about these old tweets:

And how about how she just dismissed Jones’ prosecution of the murderers of four little Black girls?

Rubin’s criticism might work in Jones’ favor, however:

And we just spent four years how Merrick Garland got robbed of LIFETIME APPOINTMENT to the Supreme Court and now he’s not good enough?

It’s The Babylon Bee, but real: