Brith Hume shared this excerpt from a 2008 NYT article on how Joe Biden used his time as a Senator to enrich himself, including the sweet, sweet deal that led to the sale of his mansion in 1996:

The NYT goes on to say that the didn’t break any rules, rather he was able to get these perks because he’s a U.S. Senator:

There is nothing to suggest Mr. Biden bent any rules in the sale, purchase and financing of his homes. Rather, he appears to have benefited at times from the simple fact of who he is: a United States senator, not just “Amtrak Joe,” the train-riding everyman that the Obama-Biden campaign has deployed to rally middle-class voters.

Yeah, right. Here’s the home he was able to sell in 1996 for a huge profit:

It’s really weird how they leave the part out on WHO he sold it to:

Again, from that NYT article:

After extensive renovations, he sold it in February 1996, through word of mouth, to John R. Cochran III, the vice chairman of MBNA, one of the nation’s largest credit card companies. He agreed to pay Mr. Biden’s full asking price, $1.2 million. MBNA reimbursed Mr. Cochran for a loss he took on the sale of his old home, according to a 1997 securities filing, which said the company requested that he move to Delaware from Maryland.

So many conflicts of interest, so little caring from the MSM.


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