CNN’s Daniel Dale, who usually fact-checks the president, turned his attention to lib blue-check Aaron Rupar after the Vox journo tweeted a wildly misleading clip from President Trump’s rally in Arizona yesterday that made it seem that he called the CEO of Exxon and exchanged political favors for a donation.

From Dale:

Oh, it was more than a misleading caption. Rupar added the hashtag #QudProQuo which totally changed the meaning of it:

It. Was. Clear:

But thanks to other lib-blue checks sharing Rupar’s fake news, ExxonMobil had to clarify things:

And those who shared the bogus clip were Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ted Lie as well as high-follower accounts like Amy Siskind and actor Josh Gad:

Hours later, Rupar deleted the tweet:

But it had already amassed almost 5 million views by then:

His explanation doesn’t really fit since he added the salacious hashtag though:

Good advice: