You know, it would be easier to take all the blue-check libs angry at Melania Trump for removing the trees from the Rose Garden seriously if they were able to 1. correctly identify the trees that were removed and 2. admit the trees were moved and not cut down. For the record, they are crabapple trees, not cherry trees:

Looking forward to the Vox explanation on this one:

Harvard professors get it wrong, too:

Actress Mia Farrow:

And actor Christoper Titus:

Hollywood, do better:

Would this LA Times opinion writer call getting the name of the tree wrong “fake news”?

The Bulwark’s Jim Swift calls it criminal even:

Does it even matter that the weren’t cut down?

Actually, it was!

Take them seriously but not literally:

Others criticized the job the landscapers did while also misidentifying the trees:

And we’ll end it with this over-the-top hyperbole:



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