Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best announced her resignation last night after the city council cut her salary by $100,000 as well as voting for massive cuts to the department’s budget:

So, the city council cut the salary of the African-American woman? How progressive of them!

“This was a difficult decision for me, but when it’s time, it’s time,” she said in a statement last night:

This is not a good look for the city council:

And we’re looking forward to all the lib women out there calling out the city council over this (which they won’t do):

“You’ve driven a powerful black woman out of a job”:

Now, this brings us to Matt Yglesias, who is getting dragged by blue-check libs over this 100% accurate take:

No, it is not an “egregiously bad take”:

Well, take that up with Vox:

A “yikes,” even:

Watch out, Matt. They’re coming for your job:

And LOL: