Meet Olive Veronesi, a 93-year-old woman who went viral last week after this photo of her holding up a sign while in a corona quarantine saying, “I NEED MORE BEER”:

Well, Olive, ask and you shall receive. Coors Light came through in a major way, dropping off a reported 150 beers to the local hero:

Olive, enjoy the quarantine. THIS is the kind of story we need more of:

She’s the best!

Now, we ask from the bottom of our heart, that the media please, please don’t Milkshake Duck her like they did to Carson King, the Iowa State college student who asked for beer money during a telecast of ESPN Gameday and then ended up donating thousands and thousands of dollars to cancer research only to get canceled after a local paper found problematic social media posts in his past:

Maybe they’ve learned their lessons?

We can only hope.