She’s just one of Iran’s vice presidents, by the way:

According to reports, she is the “third senior Iranian official” infected by the COVID-19 coronavirus:

From the L.A. Times in 1998 about her past:

Always a trailblazer, Ebtekar’s lengthy resume is filled with titles that will be her legacy in Iran: editor of Kayhan International newspaper and Farzaneh magazine, doctorate in immunology and medical professor, co-founder of the Center for Women’s Studies and Research. But for the outside world, Ebtekar may best be remembered as the angry 19-year-old who, as “Mary,” went before TV cameras as spokesperson for the students who seized the U.S. embassy and took 52 Americans hostage for 444 days.

It was not Ebtekar’s first brush with Americans. She grew up in Philadelphia. Her English is still slightly American accented.




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