Mississippi State head football coach Mike Leach has deleted a series of tweets where he questioned Mitt Romney and his guilty vote in yesterday’s impeachment trial.

“As an a American, does ANYONE, REALLY want Mitt Romney on their side?!”

“Those that believe in the competence of Mitt Romney, what do you trust him to do?”

“So, either party, who votes to replace it with what Mitt wants? He DOES appear to have it ALL figured out.”

“The people that have called me names,really haven’t suggested what their approach or position is.I am curious what others suggest? We can call names all night, but a clear thought out I idea would be more productive.If you’re a Romney fan,say so and why? Don’t hide behind names”

And although he deleted his tweets, he did not delete some of his responses to people angry at him:



We’ll update this post if/when Coach Leach says more.