Twitter user Sofia Newman captured the moment NYPD officers brought to justice this dangerous criminal mastermind selling delicious cinnamon-flavored fried dough without a license to hungry commuters inside the NYC subway:

Rest easy, New York. Mayor Bill de Blasio has the cops enforcing all the really important laws:

According to Gothamist, this elderly woman is a repeat offender and had her churro cart seized as evidence:

In a statement, NYPD Detective Sophia Mason said that the vendor “was instructed in English and Spanish that she would be issued a summons and her property taken as evidence in accordance with procedure.”

The NYPD went on to say they received “numerous complaints” about this dangerous woman in the past. So, they would have no issue releasing all of these complaints? You know, in the interest of transparency:

“She refused to cooperate and was briefly handcuffed; officers escorted her into the command where she was uncuffed. Her property was vouchered as arrest evidence and she was released within minutes,” Mason said. “This individual has been issued ten summonses in the last five months for unlicensed vending at the same station. The Command has received numerous complaints regarding unlicensed vendors at Broadway Junction due to health concerns and individuals interfering with pedestrian flow.”

Unfortunately for the NYPD, they arrested this woman in front of the wrong New Yorker. Ms. Newman is now working with an attorney to get more information on the arrest (FOIL = Freedom of Information Law):

Some updates: