Joe Biden, who will be 77 in November, made 9 gaffes last night by our count at last night’s CNN debate in Detroit.

They are. . .

1. As we told you last night, Joe Biden literally started the debate off with an open-mic gaffe when he was heard saying to Kamala Harris, “go easy on me kid”:

2. Biden said the maximum copay under his health plan would be $1000. He meant deductible:

3. Biden said Kamala Harris’ Medicare for All plan would cost only $3 trillion over 10 years. It’s $30 trillion:

4. Biden said he would send insurance executives to prison for selling opioids. He likely meant pharmaceutical executives:

5. He called Sen. Cory Booker the “future president”:

6. He said the United States is “responsible for 15% of all the pollution in this country.” He meant globally:

7. Biden referred to the TPP trade deal as “TTP”:

8. In his closing remarks, Biden said we can’t afford 8 more years of Donald Trump. As we all know, Trump can serve for only one more term:

And, finally, No. 9.

Biden ended the entire debate with the biggest flub of all, telling supporters to “go to Joe 30330” as if it were a website. He meant “Text Joe to 30330”:

Ready to lead?


Editor’s note: We’ve fixed a typo.