Libs are jumping all over President Donald Trump over this late-night tweetstorm directed at Dems for failing to pass a disaster relief bill over the White House’s insistence that the bill take out more money for Puerto Rico:

This tweet, in particular, is firing folks up as they claim the president doesn’t get that Puerto Ricans are American citizens:

And this morning, WH spox Hogan Gidley goofed and called Puerto Rico “that country”:

Some of the reaction:

But Rick Wilson, author of “Anything Trump Touches Dies” and obviously no fan of the president, has a dire warning for Dems that Trump’s rhetoric on Puerto Rico will not be enough to help them with these voters in 2020:

And as if to prove Wilson point, Politico has a piece out today slamming 2020 Dems for their lack of Spanish campaign websites:

You mean Google Translate isn’t good enough? LOL: