One of the problems with the 2020 Democratic primary is that since there are so many candidates running, there’s bound to be some voter fatigue from those just tired of it all.

Like this hero in Iowa who Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand thought was going to ask a question but instead told the 2020 hopeful, “Sorry, I’m just trying to get some ranch dressing”:


Maybe the Ranch Dressing lady should run for president?

This occurred at the Airliner Bar in Iowa City:

The Iowa crowd was tough on her for not declaring her candidacy yet:

Gillibrand also said she embraced “all” of the Green New Deal:

And she joined her colleagues, Senators Harris and Booker, in backtracking on her earlier tough talk on Jussie Smollett:

And this is funny, too. Gillibrand, who likes to brag that she studied Mandarin in her past, doesn’t remember very much of it. Maybe it’s time to change the stump speech?