Remember a few weeks ago when celebrity Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dazzled liberals as she did a livestream from her kitchen?

Well, it’s catching on with possible 2020 candidate Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) giving the technology a spin:

From his kitchen, of course, because that’s how all the kids are doing it nowadays. Except Sen. Brown is nowhere near the online celebrity as the newly elected Ocasio-Cortez. He only has a little over 500 people watching him right now while she had thousands:

And as more evidence he’s running, he added his dog to the video. Take that, Alexandria!

He also seemed supportive of Ocasio-Cortez’s plan for a New Green Deal. She really is the new face of the party, isn’t she?

As for Brown, he’s currently polling at 1% in Iowa:

Wow. He’s the only old white man that isn’t polling well in the state. Sad!