Add the Washington Post D.C. bureau chief Philip Rucker to the growing list of folks who think that President Donald Trump is somehow personally responsible for the acts of Cesar Sayoc:

And add CNN’s Bakari Sellers to the list, too:

Dianne Feinstein, as well:

What’s really weird is when “ricin” envelopes were sent to terrorize Republicans that the MSM didn’t freak out like this:

That was barely a one-day story:

It’s almost as if the media is using the bomb scare to score political points:

And, of course, there’s the whole attempted assassination of GOP congressman elephant in the room:

Hopefully we can get to a point where neither side blames political speech for attacks such as these:

But when it’s so one-side like this, of course we’re going to call it out:

As for the president, he did refer to the bomb scare as terrorism at his rally tonight:

And he also called out the media for using Sayoc’s actions to tar-and-feather all of his supporters:

Trump went on to say that Republicans didn’t use the Scalise shooting to score political points: