Big news tonight from the Washington Post where Michael Cohen’s attorney Lanny Davis confirmed on-the-record that he gave false information to media outlets regarding whether or not President Trump had prior knowledge of the now infamous Trump Tower meeting with the Russians:

We’ll call this Washington Post story an “apple.”

Now here’s CNN’s Brian Stelter linking to the apple with his network’s response to its own reporting on the Trump Tower meeting, which they’re standing behind despite Davis’ admission:

We’ll call CNN’s response a “banana.”

So, which is it? It can’t be both and apple and a banana as CNN has told us many times before.

Stelter is oddly silent on all of it:

He’s not the CNN spokesman, y’all, but it does sound like he thinks CNN has a problem:

It will be glorious when/if CNN retracts and we can shout “fake news” at them:

Stay tuned.