Well, this certainly has lefty feathers all ruffled up.

According to a single anonymous source, NBC News is reporting that Justice Kennedy struck a deal with the White House to ensure Brett Kavanaugh was the pick before he retired last month:

Great journalism you got there, NBC News. From NRO’s Charles C.W. Cooke:

From Cooke:

At best, this is extraordinarily irresponsible. At worse, it is malicious. Since Trump won the election, our national conversation has been marked by this approach: First, a “journalist” will present an exciting story as fact; then, to rile up the reader, they will inject some high-octane editorializing — perhaps an “in other words . . .” or a “this is not normal” or an “in 2018!”; and, finally, they will present the real story — or, in this case, admit that they are relying on “one source” and don’t actually “have any info” on whether it’s true or not. And then they will sit back and watch the initial claim go viral, and, if they are called on it they will refer their critics to the caveat they added afterwards.

And as Cooke points out, the reporter behind the rumor has no confirmation that any meeting even happened between Kennedy and the president:

But it’s too late. The Left is already taking the report as fact and running with it:

And here’s Neera Tanden turning the conspiracy theory up to 11:

Oh, and by the way, the experts at @SCOUTSblog declare the NBC rumor is “almost certainly false”:

See help, people.