What is it about lefties and fun that angers them so?

Case in point, here’s David Corn from Mother Jones on all of the “Caps jersey-wearing fans” who DARED to have a good time today on their way to D.C. for the parade celebrating the team’s win. Corn wanted to grab them — which is totally normal, right? — and ask, “Don’t you know that the president of the United States just justified the use of concentration camps, summary executions, torture, and mass forced starvation?”

Nope, sorry. No joy for you:

And, yes, there is something wrong with him:

Ian Millhiser of ThinkProgress had similar reaction and questioned with the masses were allowed to take seats on the Metro:

One, “sportsball”? WTF?

And two, maybe we should do more of these events just to punish all of these folks:

What is wrong with him?

Even Barack Obama gets it:

Now, here are a few scenes from the parade:


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