At halftime, it’s Eagles 22, Patriots 12:

The Patriots started the 2nd quarter with the ball, but the drive faltered after this stop by the Eagles D:

And then the Patriots missed the field goal. Doh!

A little while later, Brandin Cooks of the Patriots left the game after a brutal (and legal) hit:

Tom Brady, receiver? NOPE:

LeGarrette Blount scored on a 21-yard TD run:

But the 2-point conversion was no good:

New England, again stopped by the Eagles, settled for a FG:

And an Eagles drive was stopped by this Duron Harmon:

TD Patriots, but again with a missed extra point:

4th and 1? No sweat. Touchdown on a trick play to Foles:

Patriots will start with the ball in the 3rd quarter: