Rep. Devin Nunes just finished up a must watch interview with Fox News’ Bret Baier on his now infamous memo. Full clip here:


On coordination with the White House: No.

Nunes admitted he never actually read the FISA application. That was Rep. Trey Gowdy’s job:

Nunes went on to say that Dems are lying about if the FISA court was told of the political motives behind the dossier:

Nunes said “very little” of the Steele dossier has been corroborated:

On Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein:

On Carter Page:

Get the popcorn — there is another memo!

Nunes hinted that he’s OK with the McCabe transcript and Dem memos getting released:

As for Trey Gowdy, he took some heat today after he said nothing in the Nunes memo discredited the Mueller investigation:

Well, since Nunes had Gowdy actually read the FISA application, then maybe it’s Gowdy who we should be listening to?