CNN’s Jim Sciutto posted a screenshot of a letter sent to Sen. Chuck Schumer by CIA Director Mike Pompeo, summarized by this text in his tweet. Pay special attention to the ellipses:

Just in: @CIA Director Pompeo responds on @SenSchumer on unannounced meetings with Russian intel chiefs: “We periodically meet with our Russian intelligence counterparts…to keep Americans safe”

And here’s the full letter. Now, read what he left out:

“[F]or the same reasons our predecessors did” is quite possibly the most important part of the letter:

In other words, the Trump administration is doing the exact same thing as was done during the Obama administration and it’s Sen. Schumer who should be called out.

Sciutto’s tweet was 195 characters so we know he had room for the rest of the quote and still fall under Twitter’s 280-character limit.

In retrospect, this is what Sciutto’s tweet should have said:

But it’s too late as the damage is already done with people not bothering to read the text of the letter. Some examples:

Update. Sciutto just added this: