Here’s a roundup of what people are saying about Doug Jones’ win in Alabama last night…

Matt Drudge asked if Bannon is “busted”:

Ari Fleischer on the problem with a “base-only” electorate:

Meghan McCain targeted Steve Bannon over the loss:

Rep. Peter King said it’s time for the GOP to “DUMP” Bannon:

King later called Bannon a “disheveled drunk” in a TV hit this AM:

National Review editor Rich Lowry warned other states on Bannon fringe candidates:

Sen. Jeff Flake, who crossed party lines and donating to Jones, said “decency wins”:

The WSJ editors warned of a 2018 wave for Dems:

CNN’s Jim Acosta reports that last night was “devastating to the president” and it’s Bannon’s fault:

Dave Wasserman, Cook Political Report, said this “reconfirms daunting ’18 problems for” the GOP: