UFC fighter Angela Magaña shared an amazing photo to Twitter on Thursday showing a portrait of Jesus that survived Hurricane Maria’s wrath on the island of Puerto Rico.

“The roof blew off but Jesus survived,” she tweeted:

Magaña told CNN that neighbors are helping each other after the storm:

Angela Magaña, a UFC fighter who lives in the area, said neighbors were helping each other.

“We need cleanup, water, food, and generators,” she told CNN. “There are a lot of old people here who are going without necessities. We need to rebuild and restructure, and we need prayers. Any kind of help we can get because it’s a mess right now.”

But things aren’t looking good right now for the 34-year-old mixed martial arts fighter:

Magana told a Twitter user that she could have evacuated, but she’s choosing to stay on the island now to help others:

And it’s paying off: