According to CNN’s Chris Cillizza, Jimmy Kimmel and his son’s heart condition have made the light-night host the “conscience of the health care repeal fight”…

…well, if that’s the case, conservative Ben Shapiro is the “conscience of the Obamacare repeal fight” as his daughter “had open heart surgery with the same doctor and at the same hospital as Kimmel’s son”:

Although unlike Cillizza, Shapiro knows it’s not his child’s condition that makes him a credible voice on the health-care debate. From the Daily Wire:

It’s absurd on a logical level: having a child with a heart condition doesn’t make you an expert on health care anymore than it makes you an expert on heart surgery. I should know – as I’ve said before (and only in response to Kimmel’s invocation of his own son), my daughter received open heart surgery at a year-and-a-half old at CHLA, at the hands of the same magnificent doctor Kimmel used. So by this logic, my opinion should be treated with precisely the same kind of moral weight Kimmel’s is. But I don’t think that the fact that my daughter had her heart fixed at CHLA is what grants me credibility to talk about health care. Reading health care law does. Studying health insurance schemes does. Speaking with my wife, who works inside that health care system as a doctor (including at CHLA from time to time) and thus knows the system from the inside, does.

Anyway, we’d love to see Shapiro on with Kimmel and discuss all of this:

Make it happen.