There’s a weird thing going on right now on liberal twitter where Bernie Sanders supporters are being criticized for doubting that Sen. Kamala Harris in California will be the savior of the Democratic party. Some examples:

Apparently it has something to do with Harris taking big money from donors.

Anyway, Howard Dean saw this tweet from Joy Reid and immediately assumed it was the “right wing GOP” who was afraid of Harris:

It’s clear he never clicked on the link. The article literally says “a movement that’s already begun from on the progressive left to discredit” Harris:

The junior senator from California, Kamala Harris — who has already made her mark on the Senate in a few short months — is now in the spotlight facing unprecedented scrutiny. Alongside that is a movement that’s already begun on the progressive left to discredit Harris, brand her as a tool of mass incarceration for her time as a prosecutor, and to caricature her as a supporter of prison slave labor.

Great job, gov. You aimed for the GOP and punched the Bernie bots in the mouth.