Tonight was the premier episode of season 7 of HBO’s hit “Game of Thrones” and the network is promoting it with the hashtag #WinterIsHere:

Except in real life Kit Harrington — the character who plays the King in the North Jon Snow — is angry that it’s really global warming that’s arrived, not winter:

The Targaryen who thinks he’s a Stark and a climate expert told TIME magazine:

The one irony I found this year, it was a very sad irony: We went to Iceland to find snow, because winter is here. We got there and we were lucky to get the snow we did, because in our world, winter is definitely not here. It’s this weird parallel the opposite parallel. We go out there this year, and the glacier that me and Rose [Leslie] filmed on four years ago, I saw it and it has shrunk. I saw climate change and global warming with my own eyes, and it is terrifying.

They have to ruin everything with politics?

Even some libs agree this was too much:

But, alas … these takes will keep coming with the fire of a thousand wildfire pots:

And there’s this flashback that even hotter than wildfire. This is Drogon-level en fuego:

And this year it’s being predicted that the famous Wall with fail, like all border walls, right libs? Nick Pappas predicts the next liberal hot take:

We don’t know about winter being here, but liberal lunacy has certainly arrived.