This BOMBSHELL of a tweet was sent out to the over 835,000 followers of the “Rouge POTUS Staff” account last night. Get the articles of impeachment ready, right?


Unfortunately for liberals, this tweet was a deliberate lie designed to prove that the #Resist movement is lazy and hoping for a white knight to ride in and save them from President Trump instead of doing the heavy lifting themselves.

But, to figure that out, readers had to have clicked through the link and read the first 3 paragraphs:

We have successfully made an audio recording of President Trump’s conversation with Russian diplomats Lavrov and Kislyak today. During the chilling conversation the three candidly discussed the open collusion between President Trump and the Russian government to influence the public with misinformation, the foreign policy agenda Putin wants President Trump to pursue, the President’s compensation for services, and general strategy for upcoming propaganda. Lavrov expressed Putin’s frustration with President Trump that he has fanned the flames of his own political problems, suggesting that the increased costs associated with generating sufficient propaganda material to aide President Trump might reflect in reduced financial compensation. One notable quote is President Trump saying If I’m going to attack North Korea before Christmas then I want 75% of the loans forgiven.

We will not be releasing this audio recording because it will have absolutely zero effect on anything. This audio recording will not lead to criminal charges. It will not lead to impeachment charges. The President’s supporters will continue to make excuses and gaslight denials. Congressional Republicans will also deny what the recording clearly says, because it’s embarrassing for the Party.

Of course, only one of those two paragraphs above are true. Namely, the first one is a lie. No such recording exists, but there is a deadly important matter surrounding the sufficiency and value of evidence against POTUS we need to discuss now that we have your attention. But the second paragraph is true. Many people seem to be sitting back waiting for evidence, wanting evidence, begging for evidence, getting mad at us for not finding and leaking new evidence. It seems that we are failing to communicate our message. And it’s more dire than ever that people understand that the road to resistance is you, it is the pressure you put on Congress, it is the undeafenable roar you create that overrides every other divided loyalty that Congress has to special interests, partisanship, or political ideology.

The post goes on from there, but not everyone  bothered to click on the link, thus proving the point:

Although even readers who read through the post were furious at it:

And this is funny: The @RoguePOTUSStaff account is really a Steve Bannon op?