[deep breath]


It seems that Donald Trump’s election is having some strange and unexpected consequences. Like Markos Moulitsas turning against Sen. Elizabeth Warren over her vote to confirm Dr. Ben Carson as head of HUD:

Markos writes:

Furthermore, what do Democrats like Warren get in return for that pro-Carson vote? Nothing! Because Republicans don’t need or care for it. There is no upside and loads of downside. Thus, Democrats should make sure Republicans own every single bit of this regime. Let them pass these nominees with nothing but Republican votes and a smattering of red-state Dems.

Resistance means resisting. All those people in the streets last Saturday didn’t march for Democrats to make nice with the GOP. They marched to resist—whether it’s Trump, or his acolytes like Carson. And if even progressive champions like Warren can’t figure that out, we really are in trouble.

“We really are in trouble.” At least they’ve finally figured it out.