There was some big gun news in Virginia last week where Gov. Terry McAuliffe singed what he called an “historic bipartisan gun safety deal.” Good news for Dems, right?

More from the Washington Post on this “historic” deal which restored concealed-carry reciprocity in the state:

“This is a bipartisan deal that will make Virginians safer,” McAuliffe spokesman Brian Coy said. “It also demonstrates that Democrats and Republicans can work together on key issues like keeping guns out of dangerous hands.”

The agreement marks the first break in a logjam over gun rights and gun control marked by heated rhetoric and could bolster McAuliffe’s legacy as he begins the second half of his term.

“Bipartisanship requires give-and-take by both sides,” said Matt Moran, a spokesman for House Speaker William J. Howell (R-Stafford). “This agreement restores reciprocity for law-abiding Virginians while sending a clear signal about domestic violence. There’s a lot to like here.”

But for Everytown and their subsidiary Moms Demand Action, the anti-gun McAuliffe wasn’t anti-gun enough:

Flashback to January when they were still friends with the governor:


  • Carolyn#OYSD

    “Gov. McAuliffe should not be willing to recognize concealed carry permits from states where you can get a permit with no safety training, or even if you have a violent criminal record or a stalking conviction-all in exchange for the NRA’s support of a watered-down gun safety bills.”

    Someone help me out here…which states, exactly, give you permits with no safety training, or if you have a violent criminal record or a stalking convictions.

    Because I had to jump through burning hoops of fire for mine.

    I’ll wait over here for that list.

  • Fingolfin

    Normally I am supportive of restrictions to paperwork being fully transferable across states. I think it undermines the sovereignty of the states. However the 2nd amendment renders this moot.