We’re seeing a few tweeters this morning report an incident of “vandalism” at the University of Missouri’s Lloyd L. Gaines/Marian O’Fallon Oldham Black Culture Center late last night.

As you can see in this photo, the word black has been covered up:

And law enforcement was on the scene investigating:

Now, remember our post from Tuesday where Mizzou’s campus police force told students to report any hurtful or hateful incidents immediately?

Well, that only works if the cops pick up the phone when a witness calls in with a report of vandalism. From Mizzou’s student-run newspaper, The Maneater:

Freshman Isaac Jahns, who lives in Hatch Residence Hall, said he heard a conversation that may have been related while walking home from a dining hall with friends.

“We were walking back from Rollins Late Night and as we turned the corner, we heard someone yell, ‘Black motherfuckers, you’re not welcome here,’” Jahns said. “I looked back, and there was a girl (by the GOBCC) with a red jacket on and she booked it. She was sprinting. So we booked it too, went back (to Hatch) and I tried calling MUPD twice … We were like, ‘It’s gotta be the same guy. It has to be.’”

Jahns said he did not see the male suspect and that he thought the female, whom he believed the insults were directed to, was black.

“I tried calling MUPD and they would not pick up their phones,” Jahns said.




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