By “surprise” we me not really.  Ahmed Mohamed, the 9th-grader in Texas who built a homemade clock took apart a working clock and put it in a box which made it look a lot like a bomb told Comedy Central’s Larry Wilmore last night that getting arrested was “kind of cool”:

Oh. That’s weird because Ahmed’s dad had to pull him out of school over it.

Lefty hack Wilmore went as far as to call Ahmed a “genius”:

Oh, really? Here’s a neat instructional video that teaches you how to be a clock-kid level genius, too … in like 30 seconds:

Ahmed’s media blitz continued with an appearance on the Dr. Oz show that will air tomorrow. Ahmed told Dr. Oz that he “loves school” … but just not enough to keep going to school:

No wonder Ahmed’s dad had to take him out. What 9th grader could ever hope to make so many television appearances and still do homework?



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