Sky News is reporting that a Chinese man has been detained for taking controversial selfies to commemorate the June 4 anniversary of the student-led democracy protests and subsequent massacre in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square.

Du Yanlin, who according to Sky News was once a “tax adviser” to artist and political activist Ai Weiwei, posted these photos to his Twitter account before he was detained.

This is my only comfort today.”:



Come. good clubbing.”:



Students receiving brainwashing.”:



And here are the ones of the middle-finger salute, reported by Sky News to be in front of the mausoleum of Chairman Mao.

Link to original tweet:


Link to original tweet:


From Sky News:

It is understood that Mr Du was detained by police in the square shortly afterwards.

Human rights lawyer Liu Xiaoyuan told Sky News that Mr Du is now being held at the Dongcheng District Detention Centre.

According to the lawyer, Mr Du is being held for “picking quarrels and stirring up trouble”, a catch-all charge increasingly used to detain lawyers, activists, journalists and academics.

You can see more photos from Du Yanlin’s one-man protest here.