As we wait to see if Mitt Romney goes for the presidential candidate hat-trick and runs a third time for the office in 2016, there’s a lot of talk on what he’ll do differently this time around.

One of the themes libs seem giddy at the prospect of Romney actually focusing on is that of alleviating poverty in America. For example:

And the always awful Paul Begala went a step further, trolling the two-time candidate by name with this tweet:

Well, for starters, it’s “give,” not “guve.” We wouldn’t mention that spelling error, but since Begala is the guy who wrote an entire book on education based on a George W. Bush slip-of-the-tongue, it’s fair game. “Is our liberal political consultants learning?” Doesn’t look like it.

Begala’s readers then happily supplied him with the adjectives he couldn’t figure out for himself:

(See above: give vs guve)

So, how’d Mitt actually do in his Wednesday night speech where he talked about poverty? ABC News has a recap:

In the speech, he said during that last campaign he “met folks…almost every week during my campaign” who had “fallen into poverty as result of an unfortunate event, like losing a job.”

“These folks were almost uniformly optimistic about finding their way back into the middle class,” the former Massachusetts governor said. “But I also met folks who had been in poverty from generation to generation. These we have to help escape the tragedy and the trap of chronic generational poverty.”

Romney said “for fifty years and with trillions of dollars,” Washington has tried to fight the “war on poverty with failed liberal policies,” but it hasn’t worked.

“It’s finally time to apply conservative policies that improve America’s education system, promote family formation and create good-paying jobs,” he added.

As far as rhetoric goes, this sounds a whole lot like Mitt Romneys 1.0 and 2.0, no?

Stay tuned to see if Mitt Romney 3.0 is really an upgrade over the previous versions.



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