Yesterday we had MSNBC’s boy-wonder Luke Russert condescendingly refer to Senator — and Lieutenant Colonel — Joni Erst as a “pig farmer” when reporting on the news that she’d been tapped to deliver the GOP response to the president’s State of the Union speech, and today we have this over on Politico’s homepage:


Eek. Why such a close-up?

The photo of Ernst does remind us of this Newsweek “Queen of Rage” cover of Michelle Bachmann from 2011:


A photo that was widely criticized at the time as “sexist”:

Daily Caller: The National Organization for Women defends Bachmann against Newsweek

Washington Post: Newsweek Michele Bachmann cover ‘sexist’ and in bad form?

ABC News: Newsweek Under Fire for Michele Bachmann Cover Photo

Your move, Politico.



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