Is immigration really the top priority among Americans? Well, if you go by what’s trending on Twitter, not really. Check out the most popular items on Twitter right now:


Well, at least immigration is on the list. Notice that Ferguson is absent?

Anyway, what exactly is a #GolicButtPhoto? Turns out that Notre Dame alum Golic made a bet with his morning co-host Mike Greenberg on the outcome of last week’s Norte Dame-Northwestern game. As Twitchy reported, Northwestern won the game making Golic the loser of the bet. And now he has to get naked.

Mike Golic’s son, Mike Golic Jr. tweeted these horrific photos out of his dad prepping for the photo shoot:

Bwaaaaaa! No child should see that in their parents’ house. More:

And here is Golic’s wife, Christine:

But is Twitter ready for Golic’s bare butt? Yes … but it’s kinda creepy:

OK, are you ready for it?

Wait, that’s it? OK … back to immigration coverage.