How big was that GOP wave? Big enough to rock the publishing world. USA Today reports:

The children’s coloring book on Ted Cruz was so popular that the publisher is out with an addition.

Ted Cruz Saves America is an eight-page supplement to the original that came out last year by Really Big Coloring Books. Publisher Wayne Bell said the addendum was inspired by the reception to Cruz to the Future, which was the No. 1 best-selling children’s coloring book on Amazon for about 20 weeks.

Boom. And libs are having a conniption fit over its re-release. Check it out:

Yes, Ezra. Let’s see what the wonderful readers of Vox have to say:

And a lot of lib Tweeters have only one thing only on their minds:

We think this odd penis fascination among Vox’s readers says something about them, not Sen. Cruz. Seek help.


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