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HILARIOUS: PETA earns a dinosaur-sized RATIO making everyone hungry for T-Rex

We’re reasonably certain PETA is just a front group for Big Meat™. Have you ever noticed that all of their tweets make you hungry for barbequed beast? Well, they’ve really outdone themselves this time with a tweet that has everyone’s mouth watering for chicken … and tasty T-Rex.


The PETA thought process appears to have been something like this: ‘People love dinosaurs. These scientists tell us chickens descended from dinosaurs. People probably won’t want to each chickens if we tell them that! … Somebody’s gotta tell them!’

How did Twitter respond?

‘What you mean I wouldn’t eat a T-Rex?’

The replies are just flat out hilarious and crescendoed into a Jurassic ratio for the meatless maniacs at PETA.

Classic. We definitely would too, but let’s bring this into the Cretaceous Period.

Ah, that’s better. LOL.

Dang, Chef! You have us salivating for a sauropod and frothing for a theropod.

Right?! The good thing is, it would probably be easy to escape a T-Rex because some dweeb from PETA would step in, offer it a Beyond Human™ burger, and become Rex’s afternoon snack.


Seriously? Who wouldn’t?

Ackshually … those are brontosaurus ribs. Hey, we don’t want to get fact-checked!

Oh yeah! We gar-on-tee!

The logic checks out.

T-Rex-shaped chicken nuggs or chicken-shaped T-Rex nuggs. We don’t care. Bring ’em on!

That’s just the way it is, PETA, and we’ll get a metric ton of nuggs from a T-Rex. LOL.

Accurate. Look, we don’t get that excited about eating chicken. We’d choose a well-marbled ribeye any day, but … prehistoric poultry just sounds friggin’ awesome.



We. Are. Dead. 💀


Eating vegan is a bit like eating crab legs: It’s a lot of work for a little bit of meat.

This guy has put way more effort into meal-planning his Maastrichtian menu than the rest of us. We salute you, good sir!

Yeah, we’d spit roast that sucker too.

Exactly! There are really only two possibilities we can come up with, and we’re pretty sure top scientists would agree:

They all starved to death because they couldn’t reach the top shelf in the pantry with those tiny arms, OR they were just too delicious.


We prefer our T-Rex to be GMO-free, thank you.


T-Rex taco Tuesday!

This is the way.

Ha! We love that people are already thinking about how they’d cook their T-Rex.

This guy will hook you up. LOL.

Heck, four more years of Joe Biden and you’ll probably pay $1000 to eat a chicken!

We wonder how many replies the social media team at PETA had to see before they realized how poorly this was going?

We’re probably being naïve. Bet they made a run for a 20-piece.


It’s. Like. Clockwork.

We could go for some pulled Jurassic Pork right now.

Yeah, giant death lizard of doom ain’t getting no sympathy from this crowd.

Just get on our plates, Rex.

HAHA! ‘Taters’.

Good question. We’re thinking open-faced T-Rex sandwich with gravy.



Y’all are killing us. We’re starving now.

A spicy T-Rex sandwich with a side of waffle fries would be perfect.

Hey, if they want people to share their tweets, they’re pretty good.

If they want people to stop eating meat, it ain’t working.


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