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TERF war: Emma Vigeland earns a nice RATIO after declaring trans women ARE women

Podcasting proggie, Emma Vigeland, took on the ‘TERFs’ of Twitter by stating what she considers to be a simple truth: ‘trans girls and trans women are girls and women, so they get to participate in girls’ and women’s sports’.


Uh, no.

It’s amazing how brazen these folks are. There’s a sizeable segment of the population who now see it as truth that a person can feel they are a thing they’re not, and that earns that person a membership right in whatever groups they imagine themselves to be in.

What if we all woke up tomorrow feeling like NFL football players? By Emma Vigeland’s logic, they’d have to sign us up.

Twitter disagreed … strongly.

They’re going to try to keep speaking this falsehood into existence, so were going to have to keep speaking it out of existence.


Preach it, sister!

It’s simple. Because trans men are women.

We know it gets tiring pointing out the obvious, but they’re just going to repeat the lie, accompanied with accusations of ‘transphobia’, until they’ve forced most people into submission.

People have to know it’s okay to recognize reality.

According to Vigeland:

‘Inclusion as a broad societal goal trumps cherry-picked instances of ‘unfairness’.’

Guess what? We’ve already achieved inclusion in sports as a broad societal goal by promoting men’s and women’s sports. The ‘cherry-picked instances of unfairness’ that Vigeland wants to upset the entire system with are the handful of males who want to play women’s sports.


Exactly. Largely, male and female sports were separated to ‘achieve inclusion in sports’ by allowing females to compete with equivalent opposition.

‘Tofurky is turkey’. Well, no, actually it literally isn’t.

We’re pretty sure that is not the definition of ‘gender affirming care’ Vigeland was going for. LOL.

Yep, it’s still that simple, regardless of what the Left keeps trying to tell us.

Maybe she should scream it on video from the driver’s seat of her car.



Point taken, but these ‘roses’ smell like a boys locker room.

It’s simple.

Maybe that’s the ultimate ‘inclusion as a broad societal goal’ … or is that a ‘broad-less societal goal’?

Apparently Vigeland believes Suzie working her entire high school career to be at the top of the track team, only to get beaten handily by Jackie (who used to be Jake in his junior year) is just quote ‘unfair’.

The real unfairness would be to not let Jackie Jake humiliate her with crushing victory after crushing victory in Suzie’s senior year.

We all see that this is insane, right?


Now that’s the perfect picture of fairness.

We know it’s supposed to be an insult, but ‘TERF’ sounds sort of cool in our opinion.

Maybe she’s just trans smart …


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