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Christina Pushaw pushes back on biased list of Florida-phobic list of 'best beaches'

If there is anything this divided nation could agree on right now, it could be the criteria for a great beach.

Not so fast. Floridian, and default beach expert, Christina Pushaw, called Travel Leisure’s list of ‘best beaches’ into question today. Surprise, there’s a suspiciously political tone involved in identifying our nation’s best spots for catching rays and enjoying the surf.


How can any list of our nation’s best beaches pay so little homage to the great beach-laden state of Florida?

Were these beaches somehow disqualified for their obvious white-sand privilege?

They can’t just cancel picturesque locations because they make waves!

Getting jealous yet? Florida has some serious political freedom going and arguably some of the best beaches … and maybe that was a driver factor of the questionable list. ‘Progressive area beaches?’  Pass. Perhaps it was a matter of fairness. Ghettos got beaches too?


Commenters pounced on this list of beaches in true Twitter fashion, drawing on various drawbacks that wouldn’t dare touch those Florida shores. Needles in your flip-flops anyone?

Even the natives know when their beaches are ghetto, but at least New Jersey gets a participation trophy.

A curious standout on the list was Alkai in Seattle. This west coast state certainly has some braggable ocean access, much of it nowhere near the hubbub of the city. As far as Seattle beaches go though, Alkai is one of the better spots? But the water is cold, the sun rarely shines, and the company is … SO Seattle.

Could be worse. At least there were no Grim Reaper sightings on the list.

Sigh. Is nothing sacred, is nothing safe from political influence? Every now and then we could all stand to sit back and enjoy some beachy bliss. Who’s ready for a vacation?


There are even places in the US where the beaches are welcoming all year long (not looking at you Alkai). So let’s get out there and soak up the suns and sands that did, or did not, make the list. Just don’t forget your ‘Merica swimwear, this great nation and its less ghetto beaches are stunning!

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