Now that Elon has made the deal to purchase Twitter, a portion of the world anxiously awaits the return of their favorite banned and suspended accounts. Some would say it was the suspension of the Right’s most cherished parody news account, The Babylon Bee, that was the last straw for what appeared to be an arbitrary, if not biased, reign of Twitter censorship.

Doesn’t everyone know you don’t mess with bees?!?

Some thought The Bee, and maybe 45, would be reinstated immediately.

Thus far, however, they have not actually returned.

Not for lack of campaigning from loyal fans who have suffered the loss of far too many laughs during these chaotic times.

Needless to say, if Mr. Elon Musk is listening, a good number of his users are ready to welcome back The Bee and the countless missing accounts that used to make Twitter great.

Free them all! Release the rebels! End the censorship! Show us how our communications were manipulated!

Honestly, we have a lot of asks.

As long as the priority is free speech, we can probably wait it out.

As soon as free speech reigns, expect to see The Bee back in fine form.

Their writers have had plenty of time to come up with ways to delight readers with merciless wit, after all.

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