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John Stossel Has #EarthDay Climate Change Reality Checks Guaranteed to Enrage Serial Alarmists


Today marks another Earth Day, and you know what that means! 

The annual happening means the climate change alarmists, swindlers and assorted lefties trying to transfer a massive amount of wealth under the guise of "saving the planet" are doing their thing today.


The U.S. president who uses a helicopter, 747 and huge motorcade to go to the beach every weekend is among those sounding the alarm about lowering emissions:

Biden's seen the devastating effects of climate change with his own eyes, probably while circling high above it on Air Force One en route to fundraisers at the homes of billionaire party donors who get even richer from the Dems' "green" agenda:

VP Kamala Harris talked about this administration's initiative that couldn't sound more Orwellian: The Climate Corps:


And of course Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is there and giving up the game when it comes to the kind of people who are behind the "Green New Deal" type shams:

Yep, the people AOC's praising are some future members of the "Climate Corp" for sure!

Now it's time for a reality check... and several of them.

John Stossel has a video that under the old Twitter management might have even been banned for "misinformation" (which is, of course, factual information harmful to the Left's desired narratives).


No climate change "scientists" showed up to the debate? That's hardly surprising since people like John Kerry regularly insist there's "no time to have a debate" on the issue:


If you're 50 or 60-years-old you've already been through several "we're all dead in ten years unless ______" cycles.

Before that "another ice age" was all the rage.

It's about control, power and money -- not necessarily in that order.

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