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'Breaking news from 1787’: Get a load of Vox's reason why the US Senate should be 'abolished'


Vox has a bit of Voxsplaining that wouldn’t come as breaking news to the Founders:

Let’s look closer:

But here’s a crazy fact: those 46 Democrats got more votes than the 54 Republicans across the 2010, 2012, and 2014 elections. According to Nathan Nicholson, a researcher at the voting reform advocacy group FairVote, “the 46 Democratic caucus members in the 114th Congress received a total of 67.8 million votes in winning their seats, while the 54 Republican caucus members received 47.1 million votes.”

Vox’s bottom line is that lesser populated states having the same Senate pull as heavily populated states means that things are out of whack, and because of that…

The Senate is a profoundly anti-democratic body and should be abolished.

Except that’s the way the Founders designed the system, and for good reason:


Well, there’s that.




The U.S. is a Constitutional Republic, not a straight Democracy. But obviously nobody told Vox.

According to some, however, abolishing the Senate would be a great way to put those freeloading red states in their place:




In fairness, that’s something that Vox does very well.



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