Earlier this week, White House press secretary Jen Psaki laughably insisted that mask rules being dropped at the U.S. Capitol a day ahead of the State of the Union address had nothing to do with politics, and the decision was purely based on science. Oh come on, stop laughing!

As for President Biden, who just the day before was seen walking across the White House lawn all alone while wearing a mask, the “science” seemed to change quickly enough for him to have some extremely close-up maskless conversation:

Add it all up and CBS News’ Gayle King was borderline triggered by the sight of it all:

It’s simply amazing what is and isn’t considered “jarring” when it comes to so-called journalists these days.

Trump broke countless “journalists,” and America getting back to normal seems to be breaking many others.

Seeing unmasked elites around “the help” who are masked up has not been a rare sight these past couple of years.

Also, Gayle King interviewed Kamala Harris this morning and the VP admitted that it’s “too hard for working families” and “people are struggling” during the Joe Biden presidency.



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