Earlier today Secretary of State Tony Blinken set the stage for blaming Americans left behind in Afghanistan as being people who “chose to stay.”

On Sunday President Biden said that it’s pretty easy to get into the airport for a flight out of the country:

Then, on Monday, Jen Psaki admonished Fox News’ Peter Doocy for saying there are Americans “stranded” in Afghanistan when clearly there are.

Based on this travel advisory from the State Department, there are still many who aren’t “choosing to stay,” and also who can’t — and perhaps won’t be able to — get into the airport:

At lot of that doesn’t line up with the spin provided by this administration.

If anything says “Americans are stranded” it’s that advisory.

“Don’t call but feel free to drop us an email” is an on-brand response from bureaucrats during a crisis.

Apparently it’s not quite as easy as Biden wanted everybody to think.

And it’s not over yet.