A few days ago, the Trump campaign was denied a permit to hold a rally at Milwaukee’s Mitchell International Airport. This was the given reason for the denial:

A spokesperson for Milwaukee’s General Mitchell International Airport said plans for a rally for President Donald Trump would have been in violation of a tenant’s lease and would have been in violation of Milwaukee’s limit on public gatherings

According to the spokesperson, an event was originally planned for Saturday morning, Oct. 24.

“The Airport Director notified a tenant that holding any large special event that is non-aeronautical in nature would be a violation of its lease with Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport and would be in violation of the City of Milwaukee limit on public gatherings.

In other words, there would have been too many people showing up for Trump’s rally. However, Joe Biden will be allowed to hold an event at the same airport:

And why is that?

But of course.

The airport’s Director of Public Affairs & Marketing explained:

Mester told Patch on Friday that private meetings, involving a small number of people inside a building rather than on the airfield (and not impacting airport operations) are fine. Large political rallies with thousands of people on the airfield are not, because the staff has to ensure the safety and security of the airport.

And Biden certainly has mastered the art of “small gatherings.”