The New York Post’s story about emails purportedly sent and received by Hunter Biden on a laptop computer he once owned had Facebook and Twitter springing into action. Facebook throttled distribution of the story, while Twitter flagged the report as “potentially harmful” and “unsafe.”

The Hill took a different approach and removed any reference to the New York Post from their headline altogether while replacing it with a tried-and-true approach:

That spin is not unexpected:

THERE it is:

President Trump and his campaign on Wednesday revived allegations of wrongdoing against Democratic nominee Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden, citing a New York Post story that has drawn skepticism over its sourcing and findings.

The Post story, published on Wednesday morning, alleges that Hunter Biden used his influence to connect a Ukrainian businessman, and fellow board member at the gas company Burisma, with his father when he was vice president.

There’s always an attempted misdirection!

Quite the spin.

So the New York Post published a story harmful to the Democrat nominee because Donald Trump is “trailing in the polls”? We have questions and so do many others.

They don’t even try and hide it.

Of course.