It started this week with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wondering aloud if Nancy Pelosi was giving her seats on House committees in order to keep her too busy to speak out on other issues. Then AOC moved on to playing a race card against Pelosi, which later culminated with the New York congresswoman insinuating that the House Speaker is trying to get her and her “squad” targeted with death threats.

A hot take in The Atlantic says that reaction to that is overhyping the situation:



A lot of things are overhyped these days, but we’re not sure the Pelosi/AOC catfight is one of them.

It’s not “overhyping” when it’s AOC talking about Trump or any Republican, but it is when she’s using similar language against Nancy Pelosi? Sounds like the media’s going to be trying to help put out this particular fire all weekend:

Some accusations of racism are less serious than others, apparently.

If the feud doesn’t end soon, the media will be reporting a whole bunch of Republican “pouncing” and “seizing.”

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