The violent protests in France stemming from fuel taxes ostensibly to fund the fight man-made climate change, combined with backlash over other Macron “reforms,” have caused the French president to suspend the implementation of those plans. But apparently there’s a higher profile entity to blame for sparking those riots:


Weird how that worked out, right?

From Buzzfeed:

The “Gilets Jaunes” or “Yellow Jackets” protests have only gotten more violent since they began last month. Three people have died, hundreds more have been injured. To hear the protesters tell it, they’re marching through the streets to fight back against rising fuel prices and the high cost of living in the country. Beyond that, though, it’s an ideological free-for-all. Fights have also been witnessed among demonstrators, and some have sent death threats to other protesters.

But what’s happening right now in France isn’t happening in a vacuum. The Yellow Jackets movement — named for the protesters’ brightly colored safety vests — is a beast born almost entirely from Facebook. And it’s only getting more popular. Recent polls indicate the majority of France now supports the protesters.


Buzzfeed’s not having an easy time selling that one:

NAH! *Eye roll*