Senator Dianne Feinstein is among Democrats saying they’ll vote no on the confirmation of Gina Haspel to be the next director of the CIA:

Obviously Feinstein doesn’t like what happened at the hearing, not to mention the person who nominated Haspel:

Tweeters noticed something odd about the selective nature of Feinstein’s concern about “advanced interrogation techniques” at the CIA and someone else who was there at the time:

Feinstein’s statement in support of John Brennan’s nomination for CIA director in 2013 wasn’t nearly as critical as her statement about Haspel.

At Haspel’s confirmation hearing, Sen. Tom Cotton has this exchange with her in regards to John Brennan, who Feinstein, among others, supported (while saying they’ll vote “no” on Haspel):

COTTON: You said that you were not a senior manager when those programs were created, is that correct?

HASPEL: That’s correct.

COTTON: Was John Brennan a member of the senior intelligence service and the deputy executive director, at the time a senior manager in your opinion?

HASPEL: Senator, I believe Mr. Brennan was the deputy extern (ph) of the agency at that time.

COTTON: And you’d consider that a senior manager position at the CIA?

HASPEL: I believe it’s a number four position.

COTTON: For John Brennan, who was confirmed to be the CIA director by the following members of this committee, Senator Warner, Senator Feinstein, Senator Heinrich, Senator Collins, Senator King, Senator Burr, Manchin, Senator Wyden, and Senator Rubio.

Go figure!