As the Washington Post and many others have noted, the debate over suppressors isn’t relevant to what happened in Las Vegas for a host of reasons. Not that reality will stop Sen. Kaine and many others from pushing a bogus narrative. Check out this video of Sen. Kaine pretending to know what he’s talking about:

That’s just pitiful, but hey, Kaine’s got a narrative to push so he’s got no time for facts.

The WaPo’s fact check gave Kaine the benefit of the doubt in only giving his claim two Pinocchios:

Kaine should be more careful when talking about weapons, especially during a national tragedy. We will accept his staff’s explanation that he meant that silencers muffle a gunshot’s source, even though his phrasing certainly sounded like he meant that silencers actually made firearms quiet.

Anti-gun pols like Kaine know they’re lying and it’s too bad the liberal media won’t stop helping them out by pretending they only misspoke.